Software Engineer for Schedules


This contract is funded by the European Union – NextGenerationEU (MICINN/PRTR funds) and by Generalitat de Catalunya.

Opening Date: 01/05/2023
Closing Date: Position open until filled


Job Description

The contract is part of the project "PRTR High Energy Physics and Astrophysics: Advanced Technology for the exploration of the Universe" (TecnoUniverse ACAM 2022030024) and in particular is associated with line L2, "Development of cutting-edge astrophysical instrumentation for ICTS, projects ESFRI in astronomy, and space missions." being as it is the Cerenkov Telescope Array for which the scheduler is developed an ESFRI project, like the line L8 "Computation, big data and artificial intelligence". In these lines, the development of control software (programmers or schedulers) for the ESFRI CTA project that uses artificial intelligence to optimize the programming of observations is immersed as an objective.

The tasks of the candidate will be:

  • Support tasks and software development for the CTA programmer, in particular regarding the 'short time scheduler' or STS within the ACADA package and possible extensions to the long-term programmer within SUSS (ACADA and SUSS are work teams within CTAs in which ICE participates to develop the scheduler).
  • Preparation of user manuals for the aforementioned software development tools. Implementation of software engineering procedures at the system and subsystem level: documentation, development cycle, configuration control, etc.
  • Training of other personnel who may have recently been hired from ICE to use the same tools.
  • Realization of formal documentation (templates, self-documenting code, pseudo-documentation), in the establishment of development procedures adapted to ongoing projects (flow and traceability of requirements, design languages and methodologies, etc.).
  • Support in the transfer of knowledge for the promotion of new projects.
  • Review of the documentation and software developed in the different projects that adopt the criteria established by the service, as a measure of supervision, support and quality measure.
  • Participation in project meetings.

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